Our aim is to unlock our clients' financial freedom

High Returns With Calculated Risk

Camilia Investment Funds is intended for people willing to achieve wealth and financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts.

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About Camilia Investment Funds

We are Registered and Accredited Company.Become the part of camilia and grow your money on ROI(Return On Investments)

Investment Plans

Our investment Plans

Starter Plan

7% - 15%/Monthly

$50 - $999

Intermediate Plan

7% - 15%/Monthly

$1000 - $4999

Petros Plan

9% - 17%/Monthly

$5000 - $9999

Dafe Plan

10% - 19%/Monthly

$10000 - $15000
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Affiliate Program

We Have most comprehensive and Clear Affiliate, Refferal Program. We offer Percentage on refferals from level 1 to level 7 on all investment plan, Come and Join us and enjoy benifits


Frequently Asked Questions

Here You can see all answer to the most common questions

Where are you incorporated?

We are registered and accredited Company in United States and Virgin Island, United Knigdom, Malaysia, Pakistan,United Arab Emirates. We are also expanding our teritorry

Can I join Camilia?

Yes, Everyone Can join Camilia

What are the costs associated with opening an account?

There is no costs associated while opening account.

When can I withdraw my earnings?

Minimum Withdarwal limit is $50, once you have equal amount in your account from refferals or profit you can withdraw

I'm having trouble logging into my account

If you are having trouble logging into your account please check email or password if problem still exist Contact us we will be very happy to resovle your issue.

How do you invest the funds?

Create account and deposit funds with one of our available payment methods and you are good to go, If you have problem just contact us.

What is the minimu amount that I can start with?

Minimum amount of investment is $50

How much money do I make if i invite a friend?

We offer refferal system on different plans please check your dashboard for more information.